Rattler 5K Run Strides for Breast Cancer Awareness

D.A. Robin;
10/25/2014@ FAMU Park
Jamie Hamilton celebrates after finishing Florida A&M's Rattler 5K Run.

As the sweat drips down his face, Jamie Hamilton’s arms spring up as he crossed the pink and white finish line. Hamilton smelt the taste of victory as he finished the first Rattler Run walk held at Famu Park.

For Hamilton completing the race first was his only motive coming into the walk on Saturday morning.

Hamilton, a junior molecular and cellular biology student from Detroit, Mich., said this race meant more to me because my family has been affected by breast cancer.

“I did want to finish first because this race isn’t about me. I won for my family because many of the women in my family dealt with breast cancer and this means so much to me,” Hamilton said.

According to National Breast Cancer Foundation, breast cancer is a disease that affects the cell tissue that forms in the breast. One in eight women will be diagnosed with cancer during their life span. The second leading cause of death in women can be stopped by early prevention.

Saturday morning kicked off the start of something new at Famu Park. The first ever Rattler Run.

Anthony Cooper, the coordinator for the walk, said the preparation for the walk was a thorough process.

“I am proud of my committee, advisors for the hard work they put into making this walk happen,” said Cooper, a sophomore environmental studies student from Orlando, Fla.

The idea of this walk came from the School of Nursing Class President Stetson Savage. Shauntavia Mailey, a nursing student from Jacksonville, Fla., said as a volunteer it was a long process trying to get prepared for the walk.

“As a nursing student, I hope this is the beginning of more runs to come,” Mailey said. “I am excited about the turnout and everyone coming out to support the cause. Famu has given us a lot of resources to make this run possible.”

Many awards were given out to the runners at the race. Finishing in first place for the men is Jamie Hamilton, second place was awarded to Mike Ladossie, and in third place is Stratton Thompson. First place for the women’s went to Briana Ballot, in second place is Deonna Andrews and third place was given to Onyeka Ibe.

Among those awards given, a spirit award went to most spirited rattler at the run- Mike Davis. An award was also given for the organization that came with the most participants- Eternal Legendary Kings.

Titus Murphy, a senior health information student from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., said it is important for community service organizations to be here to support the cause.

“It’s very important due to the fact breast cancer is prominent in our African-American community,” sad Murphy, the president of Eternal Legendary Kings. “For me personally, my mother and grandmother were affected cancer and I am an advocate for supporting breast cancer awareness.”