MyLife Program Helps Youth

Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment is devoted to improving youth’s lives at Tallahassee’s Palmer Munroe Teen Center.

MY LIFE creates a fun, positive environment for 13-23 year olds that have experienced mental health issues, substance abuse, foster care and other challenges.

Through the use of meetings, special events, presentations and performances the MY LIFE program aims to provide a positive environment for youth.

“I may can’t save one… but my goal is to try,” said Patrick Denson, host of the MY LIFE and member of Stop The Violence Against Our Youth. “Out of 75 kids, if I can make a difference out of one of their lives, that goal is done.”

Youth empowerment director Greg Dicharry created the program in 2008 in Phoenix, Ariz. Since then MYLIFE has held events around the country such as Harrisburg, Pa., and Baton Rouge, La.

Kendra Moore, the interim executive director, explained that Dicharry is an impactful speaker to the youth.

“All of the teens that have been in attendance and had the opportunity to meet Mr. Greg…they all connect with him in some way or another,” Moore said.

Keith Bryant, a redshirt freshman and defensive tackle for Florida State University, stressed the importance of how to carry oneself in order to overcome adversity.

“Just hang around the right people…if that person is negative, stay away from that person” Bryant said. “…Those negative people sometimes end up dead or in jail, so it’s good if you just hang with positive people.”

The MY LIFE program hosts My Fest annually to help raise awareness on issues similar to the program. The event has resources for parents, showcases musical acts, dance performances and art exhibits.

MY LIFE is open to the public and anybody is free to join.

Residents are also taking notice of the positive impact the program has in the community.

Sakiinnah Mujahid, a local foster parent, praised the program’s effort and the positive impact it has on the local community and her kids.

“It’s a good positive environment for the kids,” Mujahid said. “It’s the kids who struggle that do better on later in life.”

MY LIFE will host its next event in January 2015. For more information contact Lewis Thurston II at