Honors Extravaganza Underway

Florida A&M University’s University Honors House will host its first ever Fall 2014 Extravaganza Nov. 12 and 13 in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Auditorium.

Honors students, as well as the general campus community, will be able to participate in a variety of events including a Brain Bowl Competition, Oratorical Contest, Debate and the Honors Got Talent Showcase.

Ravares Conner, the honors academic advisor, said it will be a great incentive for the honors students as well as the rest of FAMU.

“We think it will be an opportunity for the rest of the campus to see our students in action,” Conner said. “We travel to conferences throughout the year and compete across the country, so it will be a chance to see how you rank against some of the smartest people on campus.”

Students in the program take honors courses offered by the university or have an advisor set an extra curriculum as a part of their regular classes and assignments.

“People would be more interested in coming to the Honors Center if they actually knew what it was.” said Sha’ Simon, a freshman broadcast journalism student, who is also a resident of the Southern Scholarship Foundation Honors dorms on campus. “A lot of students pass right by it or have never been inside, so I think an event like this will open it up to more people and encourage them to want to join.”

Hailey Ray
 The University Honors House is located on Martin Luther King Street
across from Jones Hall and Dyson Pharmacy.

Tyronique Brown, a sophomore honors student, said she is interested in being apart of the debate competition entitled, ‘Should Law Enforcement Officers be Required to Wear Body Cameras.’

“I think this will be an interesting debate, especially with all the violence going on, and I would definitely be on the pro side because camera documentation would be more effective than what we have now which is just ‘he say she say.’”

Brown said being an honor’s student means caring more about schoolwork and finishing on time than socializing or campus politics. Also, that the Honors Center is a nice place to relax and hang out with people who feel the same way.

Students interested in being apart of a competition or talent showcase team can contact the Honors House at (850) 599-3540 by Nov. 3 in order to register, or email ravares.conner@famu.edu or samuel.brown@famu.edu for more information.