Clinton to Rally for Graham at FAMU

Courtesy of Gwen Graham for Congress Campaign

With early voting underway, Gwen Graham for Congress Campaign brings ‘star power’ to Tallahassee, Fla. Former President Bill Clinton will support Graham at this Sunday’s Get Out the Vote Rally at Florida A&M University’s Quad.

The event hopes to promote and encourage attendees to vote early for the midterm election this year. The occasion will also provide shuttles so souls can vote at the polls at Smith-Williams Service Center.

Mikhail Scott, a 2013 FAMU public relations alumnus from Palmetto Fla., said early voting allows citizens several opportunities to cast their ballot.

“Early voting is more important because we all have busy lives,” Scott said. “With all the issues facing our community it’s important than ever that people go out and elect representatives that will support their values and really advocate on their behalf.”

Democratic candidate Graham is running against incumbent Republican Congressman Steve Southerland for Florida’s Representative in Congress 2nd Congressional District.

Her campaign is geared toward investing in education, raising the minimum wage, lowering taxes, creating jobs and balancing the budget.

Clinton’s support for Graham is sure to speak on similar issues close to Graham’s initiative and motivate people to vote. His arrival to Tallahassee, Fla., is one of the many destinations to promote Democratic Party candidates’ campaigns.

The 42nd will bring a hopeful atmosphere to the rally on ‘Souls to the Polls’ Sunday. Graham recently said in a statement Clinton’s support is helpful to show citizens she will work toward their interests if elected.

“I am so honored to have President Clinton join our campaign as we remind residents about the importance of voting and participating in this election,” Graham said. “I am so excited that President Clinton will be here to help remind North Floridians to make their voices heard by casting their ballots.”

Clinton is sure to speak on topics that interest the people at the event: the economy, job creation, the middle class and more.

Graham’s campaign is dedicated to helping the middle class thrive. The Democratic candidate also values education. She hopes she can get that message across to students, which is why the event will be on FAMU’s campus. 

“I believe coming to campus is important to Gwen because she’s concerned with educational issues,” Scott said. “ She understands how important a quality education is to student’s futures and she wants to make education more affordable for students in this district. She also wants to know what issues students face so that she can help improve those issues.”

The Democratic candidate hopes to bring a ‘North Florida Way of cooperation, independence and problem solving back to Washington.’

Janeesa Pagan, a freshman Engineering student from Orlando, Fla., is looking forward to attending the event and hopes bringing the campaign to the students will change low voter turnout.

“I hope that visiting FAMU means experiencing something I will never forget,” Pagan said. “It means doing your duty as a citizen.”

Admission is free and doors open at noon.

Early voters must bring a picture and signature ID in order to vote. For information on where to vote for your county, click here.

For questions, contact the Souls for the Poll hotline: 866-535-3865.