Advising On The Set

On Friday, Oct. 24, the Center for Undergraduate Success is hosting student-advising sessions on the set from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Advisors from all majors will be present to assist freshman and sophomore students seeking to get a head start in the class selection process. Students who are not sure which classes to take will be advised on the classes they need for the spring semester.  

“I plan to take advantage of this event now.  I can avoid waiting in long lines to get advised in the future,” said Saddlers, a sophomore business student.

Academic advisor Ruthie White, Assistant Director Demetriss Locke and other advisors will answer any questions at the event. Mrs. White explained that this event takes place every semester and is available for walk-ins as well as transfer students.

School of Journalism & Graphic Communication Professor William Jiles recommends that all students work with an advisor to create their schedules, rather than just creating them on their own.

“It’s very important that students not self-advise,” Jiles said. “That tends to get them in trouble down the road. They make missteps, they get into the wrong course, they take courses out of sequence and sometimes it leads to heartbreak.”

Professor Jiles was referring to the countless amount of times that students have reached their senior year, and as graduation nears, they find out they have missing credits making them ineligible to walk.

Senior Jomari Bradshaw said underclassmen must “stay ahead of the game, and take advantage of the opportunities at hand in order to achieve success.”

Students may now begin selecting classes for the upcoming semester. Registration, however, will officially begin on Nov.1.