Is this Mic On?

Florida A&M University’s homecoming is approaching and many visitors expected to be showered by entertainment. FAMU will host homecoming events, showcases and talent shows where artists can perform but it’s up to artists to be aware of upcoming events.

FAMU is home to a lot of artists with talent, but artists sometimes find it difficult accessing avenues where they can showcase their talents to the student body. There are signs of disconnect in communication between the university and artists/musicians.  

Khary Smith, a freshman hip-hop artist attending FAMU, thinks the communication has changed in the transition from high school to college.

“In high school there would be a morning announcement on the intercom, now it’s like if you don’t click that right page you’re not going to know where to go. If you don’t follow the right person on Instagram, you’re not going to find out anything. As an artist that’s a disadvantage to us,” Smith said.

Jaris Harrison, a member of the student senate, acknowledged a lack of opportunities for artists to showcase their talent. She noted that the senate is allocating funds this year to put on a showcase similar to the Coleman Library showcase that was put on last year.  The goal of the show is to show that FAMU has talent.

Cap 6, who are a hip-hop group consisting of six FAMU students, took it upon themselves to put together a performance for artists in the Rattlers Den on Thursday.

Julian Harris, a FAMU student who performed at their event said, “It’s very possible to have showcases and put on performances like Cap 6 is doing, but there’s a lack of promotion on the universities side to raise awareness of these possibilities.”

Smith expressed his frustration with organizers giving artists the run around instead of addressing requests for events or placements in school events. Opportunities that would help artists individually have to be found or created without the universities assistance.  

According to Ephraim Riggins,  a member of Cap 6, he is willing to help out when he can.

“A lot of things seem like they run on, if I know you I’ll hook you up,” Riggins said.

According to OSA’s website their office strives to enhance the lives of the students on the daily. They encourage  students to engage other students in enriching their student life experiences.