FSU Presents: Romeo and Juliet

Florida State University brings the tale of two “star crossed lovers” to life on Richard G. Fallon Theatre. The School of Theatre presents Romeo and Juliet.

Carrie Colton, the director of Romeo and Juliet, said she always wanted the chance to direct the play and finally got her shot this year.

“It started years ago because this is my favorite play. I’ve wanted to direct it since I was 12…When they chose me to do it this year, I was just like I’ve had this concept. Many of those ideas I’ve had for years,” Colton said .

Viji Rajaratnam, a psychology and creative writing student at FSU, was analyzing the play for her Intro to Theatre class assignment, but was still able to enjoy the production.

“I noticed some things that they changed but for the majority they kept it true to the original,” Rajaratnam said.

Colton tried do just that since there are many adaptations of the play.

“I think it’s a story that is timeless…We placed it back in the context in which it was written and I think it puts a historical perspective on it,” Colton said.

Casey Leach, who played Romeo, said, “It’s a long process. Obviously with Shakespeare, it begins so much more with the text work than anything else…It’s technical in pronouncing the language and making sure the audience understands those ideas.”

Laura Plyler, who played Juliet, spoke about her new found love for Shakespeare.

“I fell in love with Shakespeare,” Plyler said. “This experience alone is just so eye-opening to another world of theatre. Juliet is an exquisite and intelligent character who is quick-witted, on her feet and very independent when it comes to her decision making.”

Colton touched upon what she wanted the audience to walk away with from her production.

“Hopefully they walk away rethinking what it is they're teaching their kids, what they're telling their kids and what they're passing on,” Colton said.

Romeo and Juliet is available Oct. 16-19 and Oct. 22-26. Tickets are $10 for students with I.D., $18 for senior citizens and $20 for adults. Tickets are $5 Oct. 22, for students.

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