FAMU Professor Educates Through Artwork

Kendra Bryant, an English professor at Florida A&M University, has created ‘We the People Think Project’ to showcase artistic endeavors. Her works attempt to make neighborhoods, cultures and ideas, which have long been denigrated and ignored by a majority of society, visible and beautiful.

“Kendra’s inspirational views of African-American leaders show in her beautiful artwork. You can tell that she’s very passionate about what she believes in,” Nia Imani said, a sociology professor at Tennessee State University.

When she is not in the classroom teaching English, Bryant is painting, designing or crafting. Her art line consists of inspirational portraits, postcards and T-shirts. Bryant said she hopes to enlighten and encourage compassion for others through fine arts. In one painting, for example, she depicts peace as a theme by painting a white dove, symbolizing serenity over a freedom fist. 

Bryant said that teaching students the meaning and power of language comes easily for her, but it’s through her artwork that she expresses herself visually. 

“I believe knowledge is power and through education our people can prosper, so I try to convey that in both my writings and paintings,” Bryant said. 

“I love her artwork; it’s real urban chic. I can see myself hanging one of her paintings on my wall,” said Victoria Williams, a second-year criminal justice student at FAMU.

“Her art work is all about forward thinking and being able to people. It sends a positive message, and that’s what people really need right now,” said Kahlil Seymour, owner of What? Café. Bryant sells her artwork at a local coffee shop located in the Northwood Center on West Tharpe Street.

Most of Bryant’s creative works are for sale. They are original pieces inspired especially by civil rights and black arts movements and by black literary arts. She chose the name ‘We the People Think Project’ because she had “the people” in mind. It was supposed to encompass all of humanity. Bryant also likes to think of her work as her “projects” that encourages people to “think.” Ultimately, she wants her creative projects to invoke love that saves her consumers. 

More information on We the People Think Project is available at http://wethepeoplethinkproject.com/. Bryant can be followed on Twitter @DrKendraNBryant and on Tumblr at icafrica.tumblr.com.