FAMU Way Construction

The FAMU Way project has been under construction since April 2014, and now there are updates that first phase of the project will be completed by 2016.

The overall project will have three phases in total; featuring a five acre storm water pond, bike lanes, sidewalks on each side of the road and landscape median island.

The third phase will extend FAMU Way to Lake Bradford Road which is expected to be completed by 2018.

What affect does it have on the residents of Kingston Square, an apartment complex right next to all of the construction? Christopher Truesdale, a Kingston Square residents, has lived in the complex for over a year. He seems to not have a major problem with the construction.

“I can’t sleep in like I want to,” Truesdale said jokingly. “It gets a little annoying when you try to drive out and drive in because the pathway is so narrow.”

Other than the construction taking away from visitor parking and limiting his friends from coming over consistently, Truesdale said he was fine with the construction.

Also, the construction  affects the daily commute of residents who normally would travel on FAMU Way.

City engineer Steve Shafer commented on the Wannish Way and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. closures.

“Currently the road is closed so it would have some impact but through our communications department and the contractor we’ve done a really good job of reaching out to the community and providing alternate routes,” Shafer said.

Other residents in the complex did not express the same emotion towards the construction. David Jackson is another resident of Kingston Square and he said he is tired of the ongoing construction and he knows it won’t end soon.

“Well I know I can’t control the construction but for once I’d just like to come home and not have to clean off my sneakers or wash my car every weekend because of all of the dirt. And I’m the kind of person who likes to take mid-day naps so sometimes the noises can throw off my sleep,” Jackson said.

The construction hours normally take place Monday through Friday from 9-5. The idea in mind is that residents aren’t home or in class during construction hours.

But residents like Triesdale and Jackson that have different schedules, feel the effects of the construction times.

For further updates on the FAMU way project and to stay up to date be sure to visit Talgov.com/famuway.