FAMU Student Provides Late Night Transportation

Most students find it difficult to navigate around the city of Tallahassee, whether it’s walking or waiting 45 minutes to catch your StarMetro bus. One Florida A&M University student has a cheap alternative solution to help those without transportation.

Marquise McMiller is a fourth-year political science major from Gary, Ind. He is a part-time student, a full-time supervisor at Wal-Mart, serves as soldier for the Florida Army National Guard and is an entrepreneur.

McMiller is the Chairman and CEO of Advanced Transit Incorporated or ATI. It is a transportation and logistical consulting business. All founders and owners — including McMiller — attend or have graduated from FAMU, stemming from various professional backgrounds and areas across the country.

The idea sparked when McMiller was a member of FAMU’s Student Government and he wanted to provide a service that students could see their money at work.

“People need to go places and they want go without a hassle. They want to go places at the most convenient cost,” McMiller stated.

ATI offers a community and public transportation site. Students can use this service and travel anywhere in the city of Tallahassee for $5 each way.

“Even our new pricing is cheaper than all the other transportation competitors in the market,” McMiller said.

While other competitors charge $15 to $20 to travel, ATI ensures a cheaper way to get to your destination.

McMiller stresses that quality and safety is one of the company’s main focuses. ATI provides the newest model of vehicles and makes that the quality exceeds the standard to make sure that the customers have a safety cost efficient quality service.

For a student like Brandon Perry, a freshman business major from Port St. John, Fla., living on campus is sometimes a hassle but he has taken advantage of ATI services.

“There are times when I need to go to the store and I don’t want depend on the bus, I call Advanced Transport”, Perry said.

Off-campus students like Nicole Barnes also uses the services of ATI.

“I work on at the Tallahassee Mall and taking the bus just doesn’t do it for me but Advanced Transportation gets me there and it’s cheap,” Barnes explains.

In ATI strategic plan, McMiller plans for the company to become a national corporation.

He plans to start locally to impact the students at FAMU, Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College. Also, he wants to secure and conquer the Tallahassee nightlife transportation.

ATI plans to endeavor into commercial motor coaching and being able to travel on interstate highways.

Advanced Transport Inc., operates Friday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to midnight. The shuttle locations are on the Set, FAMU Village and Palmetto South.

For more information go to advancetrans.weebly.com