Writing Resource Center host weekly writing workshops

Proper structure and content was the topic of discussion at the Writing Resource Center’s weekly workshop. The workshop caters to students who request help in improving their language, oratory and writing skills.

The workshop were facilitated by Florida A&M University professors Matthew Grey and Veronica Yon.

The workshop focused on thesis statements, writing engaging introductions and conclusions. Every subject was explained in depth giving examples of correct ways of writing these different components of an essay.

Questions were answered in the midst of the presentation for those who needed clarification on the tips that were given by Grey.

Yon, English professor said, “Students should not adhere to having a ‘three prong’ thesis statement in their writing assignments, if three is not required or if more are needed to get the point across”, Yon said, who frequently made statements on her past encounters with students and their writing methods.

Jabril Thomas, a freshman english major from Atlanta said, “That the information was helpful because I thought that I always had to have three main points in my thesis to introduce my body paragraphs. Now I know it is not necessary unless that’s how main points I need to get my point across.”

Deborah McKnight, a junior public relations from Orlando commented that, “The seminar was helpful to me because I am now writing a speech for a group in class, and I know I can better organize my thoughts without using all my pertinent information in my thesis statements. Now I can just hint to them in my introductory body paragraph to allude to the information that is to come.”

The Writing Resource Center has always been a tool that students can use to improve their skills at communication, and the weekly workshop just emphasize their dedication to helping the students at Florida A&M University.

The workshops are held every Wednesday at 5 p.m. in Tucker Hall.