Terror of Tallahassee Creeping Soon

Terror of Tallahassee will be located at 1408 Lake Bradford Road

Local haunted house will be reopening their doors at a new location closer to Florida A&M University.

The Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House is rising from the dead in its new venue located on Lake Bradford. The proposed opening night is Oct. 17.

The owner, Kurt Kuersteiner, said he enjoys seeing Rattlers participate in his experiences because they’re not afraid of the ‘terror.’

“FAMU students are one of our favorite audience, they’re here to have fun and get into the haunted house,” Kuersteiner said.

Kuersteiner said he likes the new location. It allows him and his team to modify the building to their liking. The venue has high ceilings, which allows him to be creative tactful and well ventilated.

“It was always our dreams to get this to this level because it gives us control of the atmosphere,” Kuersteiner said.

Some students seem interested about the reopening of the haunted house. Daexia Modeste, a sophomore political science student from Orlando, Fla., said she enjoys the Halloween season and will attend at the new location because it’s convenient.

“I wanted to go to a haunted house last year, but it was too far,” Modeste said.

Kuersteiner said attendees can expect a lot of fright and fun.

“Attacks will be coming from all directions; above, below, the sides. Every dimension is susceptible to a sudden startle. You don’t know where it’s going to come from you just know it’s going to come,” Kuersteiner said.

This year’s theme is based on a trading card series MONSTERS & MANIACS. It is about a gang of patients who escape an insane asylum and find the best place to hide and blend in is a commercial haunted house.  Participants travel through this warehouse in groups of eight to 10 people. Kuersteiner said having small groups makes the experience more intense.

Kuersteiner said he started in 1999 with first commercial haunted house in Tallahassee. It was located where the Goodwill on north Monroe St. is. They moved to the building on Gaines St. in 2003, but had to leave because the landlord sold it.

Price is always a deciding factor for students. Tickets are $15 per person.

Danielle Dixon, a junior political science student from West Palm Beach, Fla., said she doesn’t like being scared, so she will not want to spend much money if she attends.

“The price will persuade my decision because I’m not into stuff like that,” Dixon said.

Terror of Tallahassee does fundraising initiatives so non-controversial group can sell tickets and 1/3 of the proceeds go to the organization. Whatever the group does not sell they buy back.

“We work with groups that bring people together like the Haitian student Group, homeowner associations or even the Boys Scout.” Kuersteiner said.

During this Halloween season, students might indulge in the terror.

The exact address is 1408 Lake Bradford Road Tallahassee, FL 32304. For more information about The Terror of Tallahassee Haunted House visit their website http://www.radiohorrorhosts.com/terroroftallahassee/mobile.html.