SGA Hosts Special Allocation Workshop

On Wednesday the members of the Student Government Association and the Organization & Finances Committee came out to Perry Paige auditorium to inform students about how to apply for a special allocation,  a process of asking SGA for money that is not already apart of their annual budget.

Many students left the informational with knowledge and clarity.

Ana Parra is a fourth year accounting student from Melbourne, Florida and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi. She said the work shop was very informative. Parra said, “As the treasurer of the organization I feel much more empowered to get funds from SGA.”

“SGA pays the bill,” said Senate President Darian Burrell-Clay, as he explains how the process works.

“Basically clubs and organization must submit an online application and convenience OFC members and SGA senators to pay the expenses of their event. The club or organization will present to them invoices and receipts and if approved, SGA pays it,” said Burrell-Clay

SGA President Tonette Graham came out to the event to show her support. She informed the students in attendance that her cabinet has decided to use their budget’s discretionary account to help the clubs and organization that do not get approved.

“The senate can’t take care of everybody’s needs, so we’re here to work with the senate, assist where we can. Not saying we can pay for a grand production, but where we can help, we will,” said Graham.

About 30-40 members of FAMU clubs and organization learned how to ask the Student Government Association for funding. It is a four step process that takes about four to six weeks.

The OFC Chair Tyler German said the process is more fluid now. She said, “It’s the same amount time it was last year, but this time is give us and the organization enough time to get all their information together.”

Oct. 13 at 8 a.m. the application will go live on SGA’s website. The first step is members of the organizations must submit an online application that will state what they would like to be funded for. SGA cannot fund Greek-Lettered Organization, anything that involves drugs and alcohol use, political parties or campaigns, fundraisers that are not partnered with SGA, booster clubs or uncertified organization.

The second step is to meet with the OFC. At the end of the special allocation online application, the organization can schedule a date to meet with the OFC. OFC will hold meetings every Wednesday starting on Oct. 15. There they will review the applications and decide if which organizations are ready to be reviewed by the senators.

OFC Chair Tyler German urged the audience to bring as many documents as possible, such as invoices and receipts that shows the estimate of cost. Most importantly it is best that organizations bring evidence of fundraising. “Fundraising shows you really want to do this event,” said German.

 Once approved the organization moves on to Step three, which is to present in front of the senators’ and ask them for funding. Every first and third Monday senators will entertain special allocation request. They will ask organizations a series of questions and want to also see invoices.

The last step is to meet with the senate again. The senators will have a second read of the special allocation and vote on it.

SGA funds come from the $10.50 per credit hour Activities and Service Fee that students pay for in their cost of attendance. According to Burrel-Clay the senate looks forward to approve events that the whole student body can enjoy.

“Things that are for the general populations of the students are quick to get approved,” said Burrel-Clay