Power Plant Teaches Community About City Services

The Arvah Hopkins Facility held its annual Power Plant Open House.


Hopkins Generating Station Unit II is one of the two largest plants in Tallahassee and has been named one of the top six gas-fired, electric generating facilities in the world. The power plant’s open house shows attendees how energy and electricity utilizes their community and teaches people about the different city services.


Visitors can tour the power plant and watch field demonstrations by electric line crews and fire fighters.


Daniel Spassov, a first time visitor at the open house, said he enjoys the open house event.


“I think it’s really interesting how electricity works,” Spassov said. He also mentioned how he liked the fire fighters and other city departments play their role in the community.


Many different city departments including as solid waste, gas, environment and the Tallahassee police department set up educational booths. Information and services were provided to teach people to save water, energy, money and safety.


Clark Sheehan, a plant manager, said the open house is great for people who have concerns regarding their own utilities.


“The city offers a lot of services so it’s great to be involved and get to know how things work,” Sheehan said. “It also gives people the chance to see what the city does and how they receive their power.”


This year the city added quick response codes for visitors to scan with their smartphones and link them with more information.


“I love it. I think it is information everyone should know,” said Veranda Peoples, a visitor at the open house. “I learned a lot and it’s a safe, fun, family free event.”