New Feature Helps Residents to Pay Their Utility Bill on the Go

Do you need to  electronically pay your utility bill payment but you do not own a  computer?

A new SmartBill feature allows customers to pay their utility bills from a smartphone or tablet, as well as from a computer. This free payment option ensures safe, secure electronic payment on a scheduled date.

“The new ’Immediate Payment’ option will be available this month to customers who receive the paperless SmartBill,” Sandra Manning, the Utility Marketing Managing for Tallahassee Utilities, said . “Simply select your payment amount and then review and confirm the payment details to remit your payment using your checking or savings account.” 

Dovante Blackmon, a resident at Franklin Pointe Apartment, thinks this tool can be beneficial to all its users.

“Not having to rush home or to the computer to pay my bill will save me so much time,”  Blackmon said. “Most of the time I am at work with no access to a computer, with this new feature all that can change.”

The feature is  available only if you have previously saved your payment account details within your secure City of Tallahassee SmartBill pdf, but those who are not yet enrolled in the SmartBill are encouraged to do so.

“Not only will it save time, but it will help the environment by reducing clutter and waste. Your Own Utilities makes it very easy to choose the eco-friendly electronic billing method,”  Manning said. 

Morrisa Taylor also a resident at Franklin Pointe Apartments, hates the idea of having bills mailed to her apartment.

“I hate the idea of having a bill mailed to my house,” Taylor said. “Not only do I have to deal with the clutter of it all, but I also have to worry about filing it in my file cabinet.”

Taylor says this is the best idea Tallahassee Utilities could have ever came out with.

When you sign up, you will receive your bill securely and directly into your email inbox. The paperless bill, which is the same as the mailed version, contains an account summary and other valuable information to help you save energy, water and money. 

Through the SmartBill, you can also access e+ Online– an easy-to-use account management tool designed to provide you with convenient access to account information and energy-efficiency tips.

Features include a dashboard with all the details of your utility account; up to 24 months of bill and usage history, with associated graphs; energy- and water-saving tips and other helpful information. Also, it provides daily data on energy use to make the most of your energy-saving efforts.

The environmental impact of the shift paperless billing is significant as well.

According to Manning, the city can save approximately 10 tons of paper, 200,000 gallons of water and will reduce greenhouse gases by more than 75,000 pounds annually.

Be sure to sign up for the SmartBill and alert others to its many benefits. To enroll, call 850-891-4968 to speak to a customer service representative for information and assistance.