BSF Opens Arms to New Attendees

Every Tuesday, the women of City Church Bible Study Fellowship gather to study of a Biblical figure. Moses’ life and personal journey is the topic of discussion.


Session leaders Claudette Hamilton and Julie LaRocque provide the lesson through engaging conversations and breaking down the text for real-life understanding. Although each woman may take away something different from the night, LaRocque wishes for everyone to leave each session empowered.


“Here he was, just an ordinary man, but God called him to an extraordinary work and only through God’s power could he do it” LaRocque said. “I think sometimes we think… that happened a long time ago. Moses was really special but God calls all of us to do things.”


Moses faced a tremendous amount of opposition, but was triumphant. Session leader Claudette Hamilton encourages women to seek God in hard times.


“Momentary failure and discouragement can be overcome with God,” Hamilton said.


BSF conducts more than 1,000 classes in 38 countries. People of all ages, races and cultures come together to study scripture in depth. Within the 50 years since its founding, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children participate in the organization. While parents participate in sessions, children study the same topics with a more kid-friendly approach. This is intended to promote growth as a family.


“BSF is committed to reaching the next generation,“ LaRocque said.


While this interdenominational organization continues to work to reach younger generations, they hold fast to the principles and values set in place by the organizations founder, the late Audrey Wetherill Johnson. Johnson’s small ministry outgrew her home, California. It is now an international organization that stands on values like integrity, consistency and caring for others. The organization encourages the members to grow at their own pace. She believes that ones spiritual walk is dependent on the individual.


“I will not spoon-feed you,“ Johnson said.


“We want everyone to come out, be open with God and connect with Him,” Johnson said.


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