Set Friday Relocation

Florida A&M University’s office of student activity has changed Set Friday’s location yet again. FAMU’s Office of Student Activities has taken action after hearing complaints from various vendors.

Florida A&M’s OSA allows for vendors to come set up tables to sell a variety of knick-knacks such as designer hats, sunglasses, movie posters, fragrances and more. Vendors recently became worried with the over crowded set and argued that it’s causing a decrease in revenue.

John Preshay, however, is pleased with the location changed and it works well for business.

 “I’m very happy about the change,” John Preshay. “It allows more costumers to come upstairs and shop.”

The Set Friday location had also caused a route change for Star Metro’s V2 bus that transports students to various parts of campus as well as off-campus student housing.

With the Set’s location causing a disservice to not only vendors but to students as well, OSA’s Director of Student Activities, Marvin Green, had to relocate Set Friday.

“Any time you have so many students just congregated in one area the vendors don’t get the maximum benefit of people getting to shop with them,” Mr. Green said.

Now Set Friday can be located down in the Rattler’s Den, which is right under the Grand Ballroom, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. This change allows students and vendors to be at peace.

Nevertheless, students such as Edwin Ortiz are not happy with the new location changes.

“I don’t like it down in the Rattler’s Den as much, but it will do for now,” said Ortiz, a senior psychology student from Orlando, Fla.