Leon County Celebrates Local Heroes

Volunteer firefighters took a bow while citizens gathered together in appreciation of their tireless efforts at the 17th Annual Fire Truck Roundup on Saturday.

This event highlighted the works of individuals who volunteer their time to be first responders.

County Commission Chairman, Kristen Dozier, shared words of appreciation to thank the local heroes.

“ We have to thank the men and women who leave their families to help folk prevent tragedies. Our quality of life is better because of them,” said Chairman Dozier.

With more than 60 volunteers throughout the county, volunteer firefighters respond to all medical emergencies as aid to Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and the Tallahassee Fire Department.

While many are unaware of the volunteer firefighter service, it is important to recognize their valiant efforts and the economic impact for the Leon County citizens.

Richard Meuth, Chief of Woodville Volunteer Fire Department, has dedicated almost 10 years of service, saving citizens more money than one could imagine.

“We save the citizens of Leon County hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by providing extra man power” said Meuth.

Citizens like Alexis Rojas came out with friends to show support for the citizens who risk their lives to protect life and property of Leon County’s citizens.

“I think its wonderful that people outside of the city limit, who don’t have immediate access to services are about to get these types of services provided and people are willing to volunteer their time and energy just to help others,” said Rojas.

This year Kevin Mock was given the Jack Harron Leon County Volunteer Firefighter of the Year award. This prestigious award was named after the former Miccosukee Fire Chief, Jack Harron. Harron served 17 years as the fire chief and was instrumental in the creation of this annual event before losing his battle with cancer.