Bond Community Health Center The Neighborhood Help

Quality health care is tough to come by for many Americans, especially for future college graduates. Bond Community Health Center makes it their mission to be able to support all of Tallahassee.

Julian Harris, a senior business administration student from Orlando, Fla., is pensive when looking to his future in terms of health care.

“My key concern about health care is affordability,” Harris said. “I really want to say my biggest concern is the quality but society put such a high cost on health so you gotta (sic) choose.”

Upon entering the Bond Community Health Center you meet with the eligibility assistant, who will make sure you have all the documents and are seen by a physician.

Bond Community Health Center is a federally qualified health center. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Temple Robinson stresses how the center allows patients to be seen in dire times.

“Patients are met on a sliding scale financially, which means, Bonds Health Center is not a free health clinic but if the patient doesn’t have the money to afford care Bonds will take whatever they have,” Robinson said.

Bond’s assesses the income or lack of income versus the number of household dependencies to figure out if the patient falls on the poverty scale.

Once one's position is found bond then seeks internal financial assistance to meet the applicant’s financial standings.

Residents like Rasheda Jinkins are taking notice to how Bond’s is operating and is very pleased by their efforts.

“I love what Bond’s does for the community,” Jinkins said. “We need a center like this, that anyone can come in here and get some help. It has a great impact on the community especially for individuals who still don’t have a primary doctor.”

Bond Community Health Center has been servicing the community for 25 years. The center also offers services such as eligibility assistance and even transportation, if necessary to better serve those in need.