Women’s Conference inspires Next Generation

Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church of Tallahassee hosted its annual Young Women of Excellence Women’s Conference in efforts to reach out and inspire young women. 

Members of Young Women of Excellence and Ladies in Waiting feel it is extremely important to dedicate time to the empowerment and healing of young women in the community.

Pastor Joseph Wright, head minister of Jerusalem M.B. Church of Tallahassee, has been involved with the church for many years. Pastor Wright seeks fulfillment in being able to provide inspiration, direction and hope for young women.

“I enjoy seeing unity being established amongst women, young and old,” Wright said.

He explains how he had a vision for many years. This vision would allow him to do all that he can to create an atmosphere of cohesiveness among women. 

Wright also expresses the importance of seeking deliverance and healing while building a relationship with the Lord. He also expresses that it is imperative for women to begin to let their guards down with one another and attempt to understand each other.

“I’ve personally witnessed this program change the lives of young women for many years,” Wright said.

Friday’s session was specifically directed to young women, ages 13-18. The main goal of the session was to focus on ways to create and nurture relationships between young women.

The conference was put together to help women grow into phenomenal women and remind them that it is important to commit to whatever it is that God calls them to do.

“It is important to send a message to these young girls, and let them know how wonderfully made they are and that they can truly do anything through Christ,” said Ebony Rhodes, the coordinator of Ladies in Waiting.

Rhodes and the rest of the church members strategically planned a program that not only empowered other women, but also uplifted them in ways they never thought were possible.

Women, young and old, come together to restore self-worth in those who needed it most and to remind each other how valuable they are.

Sister Jocelyn Hayes, a dedicated member of Jerusalem M.B. Church of Tallahassee, spoke to these young ladies in the hopes of guiding them and helping them figure out who they truly are.

“I don’t know these girls, and I don’t know what they need, but He does,” Hayes said.

Hayes came to church that night, hoping that these young women would hear the God in her.

‘You cannot find who you are in anything else, but Jesus Christ,” Hayes said.

Throughout the sermon, Hayes repeatedly reminded the young girls that it is okay for them to be themselves. Hayes explained to them that, “beauty is an inside job.”

By instructing the young ladies to focus on what is on the inside, they were given a chance to understand what makes them who they are and what makes them beautiful.

The Young Women of Excellence and Ladies in Waiting meet every third Sunday at noon.