The Purpose of FAMU Set Friday

Florida A&M University has a tradition that originated years ago. This tradition is known as the event called “Set Friday,” which takes place every Friday around the student union on campus.

From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. students gather at the set to browse the vendors, enjoy food or socialize with peers.

Catherine Jefferson, the facilities manager for the student union and student activities at FAMU explained the purpose for Set Friday. Jefferson mentioned the formal name for Set Friday is Market Friday. The title Set Friday was formed by students, since the location at where the event takes place is at the set on campus.

“It started in 1993 because there were a lot of students who were entrepreneurs and had a lot of items they wanted to sell for money, so they started Market Friday,” Jefferson said.

After students began selling items eventually Set Friday expanded and vendors came to participate in this weekly event.

Brandi Tatum, Greek life coordinator/special events for student activities gave her view of the purpose of Set Friday.

“Set Friday is typically geared for our student vendors to showcase what they have to sell as entrepreneurs and for organizations to publicize activities or upcoming events they have,” Tatum said.

The event is here to recognize different organizations and clubs. Jefferson explained Market Friday started by having clubs or organizations represent themselves at Set Friday.

“They use to have different clubs and organization who would have fashion shows, poetry and perform live… organizations would be represented that day,” Jefferson said.

Once the selling and organization aspect of Market Fridays was established the office of student activities brought in their first Dj, who went by the name of Dj Duster. Jefferson explained the Dj made Market Friday to be the social Set Friday it is known as now.




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