Tallahassee Museum: The Museum that No One Knows About

Tucked away down Museum Road, just 2.8 miles away from the Tallahassee Regional Airport, is the Tallahassee museum. It isn’t like the typical museum with an art gallery, statues or tour guides who give facts about the attractions in the museum. No, the Tallahassee museum is the complete opposite from that. It features outdoor activities, trials, wild life, zip lines and tree to tree adventures.

Both local residents and tourists come to the museum to see what it has to offer. First time visitor and Pennsylvania resident Austin Buntz decided to come to the museum while in town visiting his girlfriend who attends Florida State University.

“It was cool I enjoyed it. We’re here to see the animals. They have panthers, bears, all types of stuff… snakes. They have a bunch of things it’s pretty cool.” Buntz said.

All of the wildlife at the museum is native to the Tallahassee region. Although most of them either can’t survive in the wild or they are rescues. But they all have a unique story about how they arrived.

One of them is Perky the ‘Lucky Duck.’ She has survived a gunshot from a hunter, rescued from spending two days in a refrigerator and revived on an operating table.

The tree to tree adventures feature of 70 obstacles and over 19 zip lines. This is a popular attraction to the young adults who seek a thrill. Guests can climb up trees then walk across thick logs to get from one tree to another.

The children at the museum can be involved in the same activities as they can clip on a cable and walk across wooden planks for the same tree to tree experience.

Marketing and communications coordinator Maya Correll spoke about what other options are available for children who visit the museum.

“For the children I know there is a lot of school camps and day camps that we do here. We actually have our own preschool program right here.” Correll said.  

The children have their own room where they are under the supervision of instructors all day and can interact with each other in a classroom setting.

The events and location is another thing that attracts visitors. Florida State student Ryan Longo visited the museum and pointed out some of the reasons why.

Longo said, “It’s an offset location away from campus and gets away from the crazy side of Tallahassee. It’s in a ducked off location and it’s a good place to hang out with someone special to do something different.”

The Tallahassee museum has been servicing the community for more than 50 years now and it isn’t small as it is spread out on 52 acres of land. Every season there are events that take place. On Oct. 24 and 25 there will be a Halloween Howl that features live music and entertainment, carnival games, trick-or-treating and much more.

For more information on the museum visit their official website page at http://tallahasseemuseum.org/