Community Celebration for President Mangum

The sounds of laughter and joyful spirits filled Florida A&M University’s Jake Gaither Gymnasium Friday, Oct.3, 2014, at the Community Celebration.

Students, faculty, professors and others were all in attendance to help celebrate with the eleventh president, Elmira Mangum. It was also FAMU’s founder’s day, which added to people’s joyful energy.

Guest received chocolate covered Oreo’s decorated with FAMU’s seal and a pin as they entered the gym. Food was catered by Metz Culinary Management, FAMU’s partnered dining service, and cake was given as well. 

Mr. FAMU Andre Bridges said the event was very special because it was a celebration for two major occasions for FAMU.

“Not to mention it being our 127 year celebration, it’s also a prominent day because our eleventh president, our first woman president, has been installed today as the president,” Bridges said.

Amber Scott, a senior nursing student from Albany, GA, said she was happy that a number of students attended the ceremony and celebration event.  She said it shows faculty and the visiting guest professors that we care about our university and new president.

Gregory Hall, a newly elected freshman senator, said the event was a great opportunity for students to interact with each other and the professionals that were there.

“This event is very nice because it’s a lot of ‘bigwigs’ around FAMU,” Hall said. “It’s nice to be able to interact with them as students because I know it’s not like that at every university.”

As the celebration got started, President Mangum entered and spoke at the podium. Guest was delighted to hear her speak.

Many people continued to enter the gym as the celebration went on.

Candiace Williams, a senior social work student from Tallahassee, Fla., said she hopes President

Mangum grasps from the celebration that everyone is excited to have her here as president of the university.

Students can follow-up with the other FAMU Inauguration 2014 events by going on FAMU’s website.