Minorities in Agriculture and Natural Resources

Florida A&M University is finding ways to get its students ready for the job market. The FAMU Chapter of the National Society of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resource and Related Sciences has been around for 28 years. It is a program that specializes in promoting professional and academic development in students studying agriculture and related sciences.

This conference meets twice a year and was held in Atlanta, Ga. From network building to competitions, this conference brings students from all across the nation, with over 70 chapters through land grants schools like FAMU.

Chassidy Ferrell, a second-year animal science pre-veterinarian student at FAMU and Tallahassee native serves as vice president of MANNRS.

“This is a professional organization which helps teach us resume building and interviewing for jobs. You don’t have to be a agriculture major to join. All majors are welcome.” Ferrell said.  About 30 students in MANRRS at FAMU continues to be a building tool for students.

This program promotes growth through its internships and community service. MANRRS helps students with schoolwork, outreach programs, professional development and scholarships. Kendal Strickland, a senior agriculture and business student from Flossmoore, Ill., and president of MANRRS at FAMU, knows firsthand the benefits of this program.

“One of the best things about MANRRS is it’s a direct link between students and members in our organization to employers,” Strickland said.

Along with research and labs which are funded through federal grants, MANRRS enables FAMU as a land grant institution to do research in the field. Showing off their work at these conferences and to potential employers and students, it gives members of this organization a direct connection to possible career opportunities.

Tommeron Timmons, advisor and graduate from FAMU, was a member of the organization and reps the benefits of all he learned while at FAMU. Timmons focuses on the success and well-being of his members. He is able to be hands on with the organization and help the students with their research.

“One of the things I try to instill in them is some students don’t have the opportunity to be in SBI setting to where they have strict rules on how to dress and present themselves in interviews. So through these conferences it gives them a chance to see what else is out there and to network, building their brand,” Timmons said.

MANRRS is an outlet for minorities in agriculture and business, giving them a chance to become aware of all that this field has to offer. Through these conferences, students leave with more confidence to compete in the job market.