Campus Safety Awareness Improved with Safety Walk & New App

National Campus Safety Awareness Day took place in September and Florida A&M University participated with with a campus walk and a new app.

The second annual safety awareness campus walk took place with access to the entire campus.

The walk served as an opportunity to identify key areas of the campus that merit immediate attention for people’s safety.

Erica Herring, FAMU police officer feels the walk help student involvement with campus police department to focus on areas that are potentially unsafe.

“The walk brings necessary attention to safety including:  more lightning, branches, broken alarms, cracks in sidewalks also brings attention to fire safety for dormitories,” Herring said.

Asia Lovelace a first-year PharmD candidate from Pensacola, Fla., works for FAMU student patrol. Lovelace feels her job, as a liaison to students is essential to campus safety.

“This is a good job because we as students are able to be the eyes and ears for campus security,” Lovelace said.

The campus awareness walk was part of a two events that took place for national safety awareness day. The first event took place on the FAMU set with local law enforcement and community partners to reinforce the importance of campus safety.

The core issues that were addressed include: domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking, and emergency preparedness and fire safety awareness.

The chief of FAMU police is officer Terrance Calloway.

“The thumb alert app was brought to FAMU for students to download and place their thumb and it automatically tells police where you are and also has other features including calling security and giving anonymous tips it’s a great way to ensure students safety, “Calloway said.

FAMU Police Department encourages students to complete a survey about how they feel the level of campus safety is. They also implore students to hashtag #famusafety14 to connect to the police department on all the following social media sites: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.