Plans To Build A New Pharmacy Building Are Underway

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Florida A&M University initiated a plan to build a $40.5 million Pharmacy Phase II building.

The Pharmacy Phase II involves the construction and design of a 45,000 net square feet research; graduate and professional study instructional space.

According to interim associate vice president Kendall Jones, FAMU’s Construction and Facilities Management had to delay construction because the team needed to regroup and bring in a new architect to the project.

However,  the early site work has been completed. Currently, CRA Architects and SKANSKA, an USA construction management team is working on the foundation. Once this is complete, the team will move onto vertical construction.

“I think the project is progressing at a good pace and I’m very pleased with the new CRA Architects and the existing construction management team SKANSKA,” Jones said.

According to Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Michael Thompson, the Pharmacy Phase II building is much needed because the pharmacy building they have now is not large enough to house faculty and research labs.  

“It is really important to expand in capacity,” Thompson said.

The new pharmacy complex will facilitate the university’s hiring and filling of five chairs in biomedical research.  The Pharmacy Phase II building will have new animal research facilities, research libraries, small classrooms and cutting-edge research equipment to continue to be a leader in pharmaceutical research.

More than 30 new research laboratories will be included in the new pharmacy complex allowing the expansion of the graduate enrollment by more than 50 new students.

Pharmacy school students are pleased to hear about the Pharmacy Phase II building.

Senior pharmacy school student Mohammad Alkadah said he is excited about Pharmacy Phase II.

“Not only will it help expand research funds, but it will give students and faculty members more opportunities to excel in advancing the pharmacy curriculum,” Alkadah said. “I cannot wait for Phase II to be complete and see the changes soon to come.”

Sophomore Pharmacy student Brittney Duru also found the new building will be an excellent addition to the current Pharmacy I building.

“This new research wing will allow for more innovative research to continue to take place here at FAMU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,” Duru said.

The Pharmacy Phase II building substantial completion date is said to be Spring 2016.

This new edition will be located on FAMU’s main campus at the corner of Bronough and Pershing Streets.