Student senate urges Rattlers to vote

The director of student lobbying addressed the student senate Monday regarding the Rattlers strike initiative to get more students registered to vote.

Jeremy Dixon said the senate is trying to “get FAMU where it used to be.”

The FAMU Strike Voter Coalition is focusing on getting every student on campus registered to vote for the primary elections between now and November 6. The coalition announced a new website, TurboVote, that should increase student voter registration.

“There is no reason not to vote anymore,” Senate Pro Tempore Alexis Guy said.

TurboVote has teamed up with the university to help its efforts by allowing FAMU students to register to vote via Internet, along with providing a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope to be sent to the local election board.

“It literally lets you register to vote right from home,” Dixon said.

TurboVote provided some funding to help with some of the costs associated with registering to vote.

Dixon said the voter coalition wants to awaken the silent student voice when it comes to local and national politics. Dixon said he hopes to recreate the eagerness in students’ participation in elections just as former student body president and Mayor-elect Andrew Gillum did during his time at FAMU.

TurboVote will allow all organizations on campus to create links in order to track the number of members that have registered to vote, along with link sharing.

The idea of registering to vote online has some students excited for the new changes. Senior computer information student Moises Johnson thinks the website will make students want to register to vote.

“Being able to register to vote online will make it easier and less time-consuming,” Johnson said, “and I won’t have to leave my information with people I don’t know and trust them to send it off.”

Student body President Tonnette Graham addressed the senators and the gallery Monday night as well, stressing the importance of FAMU’s vote in the upcoming primary elections.

“You guys, this election is serious,” Graham said. “FAMU needs Charlie Crist in that seat so we can make sure FAMU is taken care of.”

Crist is the only candidate making an effort to gain the students vote, according to Dixon, who said the former Republican-turned-Democrat is the only candidate who accepted the invitation to come to FAMU while campaigning. Dixon said the senate hasn’t gotten any word from current Gov. Rick Scott’s administration.

TurboVote isn’t the only new change to the campus, though. Some administrative changes have been made within the halls of SGA , starting with new adviser Brandi Tatum. She addressed the student body at Monday’s meeting as well, where she informed students that she will be helping SGA move forward.

“We will be moving progressively towards a better student body,” Tatum said. “It’s a new season.”

Students can register to vote at or contact any member of the Student Government Association for questions or concerns.