Police to crack down on school zone speeding

Tallahassee Police Department reminded the community about fines up to $500 for speeding in school zone areas.

The TPD sent out a press release last week that expressed a concern about the amount of complaints being received from residents in neighborhoods surrounding schools about speeding. Parents are concerned about their children safety and suggest that there should be more signs urging drivers to slow down.

“Some children stay across the road and the cars come and zoom, zoom, zoom. They won’t stop,” said Reva Dunlap, a parent of a Bond Elementary school student.

Dunlap said that even the school zone speed limit signs are too far from the schools. The sign has a flashing light to catch the attention of the driver, so that they are aware of the school area.

Chiquita Jean, also a parent, said that she almost got into an accident, because a driver was speeding. Jean suggested having more speed bumps and hiring more patrol officers to slow cars down.

“We don’t have the man power between our law enforcement to actually put those officers out there every day and every minute of the day to watch. We would love to do so, but that would cost taxpayers money and that’s money the taxpayers don’t have,” said Deputy Shawn Edwards, Leon county sheriff’s office school resource unit.

Crossing guard Rossie Taylor has had several incidents where she almost got hit by a car, and drivers claimed they did not see her. She said police just need to have their cars stationed in the area “every so often” and something that simple will alert drivers immediately.

“If the cops weren’t down there, they would be flying through now, but they are taking it easy because they see him,” Taylor said.

Edwards said that “fines are the biggest things to deter” speeding drivers, but that fines alone would stop the issue. He urges the community to continue to report what they see and let the police do the rest.

“Do not come to Bond Elementary and speed around here, since I am a school resource deputy. I’m going to keep my children safe, and yes, I will write you a ticket,” Edwards said.

The TPD is also concerned about drivers coming to a complete stop at stop signs and yielding to pedestrians. Citations for traffic violations in school zones start at $150.