Alumna helps raise thousands for FAMU through ’10 for $10′ challenge

Cecka Rose Green, alumna of Florida A&M,helped raise $10,000 for her alma mater in two days. She created a campaign called the FAMU 10 for $10 challenge that she said would benefit the university into the future.

The challenge itself is similar to the ALS bucket challenge, and it requires an individual to donate $10 to FAMU and challenge 10 others to do the same.

Green expressed the idea came to her while at work, watching the Reid Report with Joy Reid. Reid just finished completing the ALS bucket challenge and also challenged people to take their friends and family to register to vote, and that’s when the idea hit her.

“ I decided I would make a video showing that I was giving $10 to FAMU and challenge 10 of my friends, Calling each one by name to do the same thing within 24 hours …and for them to challenge 10 friend to do the same,” Green said.

In her video, Green expressed that the idea may soar or fail, but that it was worth a try.

“Next thing I knew, there was a following and the effort had been shared hundreds of times on facebook,” she said.

Florida A&M University President Elmira Mangum, released a statement expressing her gratitude to Ms. Green who initiated the challenge and added that her “determination and courage demonstrate how the leadership of one can be all it takes to move hearts and minds for the greater good.” President Mangum added,

“ It is my hope you will encourage others to join the #FAMU10for10 Challenge and help us break records as we strive to have at least 5,000 donors contribute more than $250,000 by Oct. 3—FAMU’s 127th birthday, and the day I will be officially installed as the University’s 11th president. If it sounds challenging, it is, but I know it is possible because there are none more committed to an institution than FAMU’s alumni and friends,” she said.

Currently at this time, the challenge has raised approximately 109,135.73 from 2,816 individual donors.

Attorney, Daryl D. Parks, Esq. alumni of FAMU, donated $10,000 to the campaign and released a video posted on his personal Facebook page stating “I knew I had to step up to the plate, and lead by example”.

“We need to send a strong message and demonstrate our commitment to our HBCU’s, especially our FAMU,” he expressed.

Green believes that FAMU can raise between $500,000 – $1,000,000 by the FAMU National Alumni Convention in Houston, TX in May 2015.

The challenge is aimed at everyone here at FAMU, including students. Green remarked that giving back to the university begins while you are in school.

“Understanding that it is up to us to ensure FAMU’s viability and survival starts with freshmen year, not when you are walking across the stage four or five years later,” she said.

Velinda Utile, alumna of FAMU and graduate student in the school of occupational therapy has high hopes for this campaign.

“It’s a refreshing reminder that FAMU will continue to rise, despite any circumstances,” Utile said.

For more information and ways to give, visit and click “Giving to FAMU” or click here to donate directly to FAMU. Once the payment is received guests are urged to copy and post their confirmation online to their social media sites and challenge 10 of their friends to do the same.