Anti-hazing week continues until Friday

Florida A&M's Anti-Hazing Week will bring discussions and a symposium to the campus aimed at ending the practice.

National Hazing Prevention Week, which is celebrated by thousands of colleges and universities throughout the U.S., ends on Friday. The university will host a forum on Wednesday and a symposium about Greek life on Thursday to commemorate the week. Set Friday will feature tables from different events.

Bryan Smith, FAMU’s hazing prevention coordinator, said the university could be a leader nationwide in changing hazing culture. Other colleges and universities are trying to follow suit, he said.

“Other schools … have all contacted me, wanting to know more about our policy and procedures regarding hazing,” Smith said . “FAMU wants to be the catalyst of change. We want to show the world how we have rebounded from hazing.”

Although she was unaware of National Hazing Prevention Week, FAMU student Clare Mobley said she is looking forward to the numerous events being held this week.

“I had no idea this week was National Hazing Prevention Week, but I will attend any events, if I can,” Mobley said, a senior English student from Kingston, Jamaica.

Felicia Barnes, coordinator for clubs and organizations at FAMU, said the activities could help educate students on the dangers of hazing.

“Planning is a lot of work. Mr. Smith has done a great job with planning this week’s events. Hopefully, students will come out and actually participate in the events, and not just to get a free T-shirt,” Barnes said.

This isn’t the first time FAMU has participated in National Hazing Prevention Week. FAMU held a week in Fall 2012, but skipped Fall 2013.

Bringing awareness to hazing shouldn’t be limited to just one week, but every semester,Smith said. “We want to constantly raise awareness about the problem of hazing, educate about hazing, and promote the prevention of hazing,” he said.

For more information about FAMU’s National Hazing Prevention Week, call the Office of Student Activities at 850-599-3400, or follow the Office of Student Activities on Twitter and Instagram @FAMU_OSA. For more details on National Hazing Prevention Week, visit