TCC faculty showcase art in exhibition

Tallahassee Community College is showcasing paintings, drawings and other pieces from its faculty for another week. It is TCC's annual faculty art show that started in August.

Barbara Cohenour, TCC art events coordinator, has been curating the gallery for two years. Cohenour is excited for this year’s exhibit because she said it is a good way to start the school year.

Julie Schmidtman-Baroody, one of the artists/instructors featured in the showcase, has been teaching drawing, painting, design, color theory and jewelry making at TCC since 1997. Schmidtman-Baroody has four of her works displayed in the gallery.

“I am inspired by detail that is often overlooked,” she said. “I love texture, pattern and visual complexity. I also like to depict things in subtle and unexpected ways.”

Schmidtman-Baroody, who constructs her pieces in her home studio in Quincy, Fla., said that visual literacy and art is more important now than ever before because images are easy to share. Schmidtman-Baroody said she believes schools should invest more in art education, because today’s “visual communication is poor.”

TCC student Justin Stalcup was intrigued by the art he saw during his visit to the exhibit. Stalcup said he enjoys the work of surrealist painter Salvador Dali, and he said he noticed similarities in Kelly Boehmer’s piece, Gaudy Gold Frame.

“It’s surreal. It’s cool. It’s probably the best piece in here,” Stalcup said.

Barbara Edwards has been teaching photography at TCC since 1986. She presents the photo element of art to the exhibit with 27 photos.

“As a photographer, I see photography relying more and more on digital expression,” she said, “although the most highly valued photography at present is the gelatin silver print.”

Barbara Edwards believes photography reflects concepts and feelings of the culture through photos in a new light.

The annual Art Faculty Exhibit is open to the public for free until Sept. 25.