FAMU Athletics to reveal North End Zone Club at Bragg


Florida A&M will be revealing anew addition to Bragg Memorial Stadium Saturday.

The North End Zone Club will be allow students to enjoy a better experience on the field.

Bragg Memorial stadium is home to the Rattler football team.

In the 1980s, the stadium FAMU Administration did an abundant amount of lobbying to get over a half million dollars for the stadium's renovation and expansion to begin. The project was completed in 1983, with the unveiling of the Galimore-Powell Fieldhouse.

Angela Suggs, assistant athletic director for External Affairs says the North End Zone Club is an expansion of last year’s premium experience to have open to more students.

“As with all things we want to definitely be apart of the game day experience,” said Suggs. “ We want fans to have the opportunity to enjoy Rattler football.”

The North End Zone Club will include an open bar through the end of the third quarter, open-air patio seating, flat screen televisions in the lounging area, catered buffet open for five hours, and close to the north end zone.

Students who buy a season package to join the North end Zone Club will be given a custom armband before entering. Also, an additional armband will be given to members 21 years of age and older to control under age drinking.

A few students are not too pleased to hear about the addition to the stadium.

“Why is adding to the stadium even a priority?” said Raynic Joseph Criminal Justice student from Miami. “Why not build another parking garage or do the gravel over again the correct way this time not the Universities’ top priority is my question.”

While some students were not pleased, a few were not aware of the new addition to the stadium and were impressed after hearing about it.

“I think it's positive and will help with the overall morale of the school and attract more alumni,” said Jordan Thomas, a financing student from Miami. “I especially feel this is a great addition being that last season there was numerous reports of fans passing out so with the climate control structure this will be more accommodating.”

FAMU plans to hold multiple events during the football season in the North End Zone Club.  Rattler football fans will get a chance to experience the new addition to the stadium at the first home game this Saturday.