FAMU Village opens

Faith McIver/The Famuan

University officials opened Florida A&M Village Thursday during a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Florida A&M’s president Thursday touted the university’s new dorms as another major addition to a campus trying to be more student centered.

Elmira Mangum was speaking at a ribbon-cutting ceremony where she and other university officials welcomed students to FAMU Village, a six-story, 800-bed dorm. FAMU Village is “the latest example of the excellent and upgraded service provided to our students,” she said.

“Due to the ideal location near classes [and other nearby campus facilities], it is my hope that you will enjoy your new home and ensure that it remains and will maintain a comforting place for Rattlers and future Rattlers to come,” said Mangum in an address at the ceremony.

More than 70 students, faculty and staff members attended the ceremony at the massive new facility.

Associate Vice President of FAMU Office of Student Affairs Angela Coleman praised the dormitory as being worth the wait.

“After nearly two years of planning and construction… I was fortunate enough to witness students and parents with cars full of clothes, furniture and bedding walk through the doors of FAMU Village,” Coleman said.

Willie Heard, resident assistant at the FAMU Village and junior English education student, said students seemed to enjoy the new dorm and that the campus reaction has been positive.

“Honestly I love the new building,” he said, adding, “It gives students a sense of pride and it’s an overall great place to be.”

From the numerous study rooms, labs, conference rooms, multi-purpose rooms, lounges, courtyard, plaza and community rooms, the FAMU Village offers students a wide range of convenience.

FAMU’s new residence hall also replaced a FAMU landmark, Polkinghorne Village, built in 1967 a co-ed apartment that housed approximately 146 FAMU student families.