City launches DRVN 850

City officials launched a new drivers’ awareness campaign Tuesday to coincide with new features that are being added to Tallahassee roads.

DRVN 850 teaches residents to use back-in angle parking spaces, roundabouts, mid-block pedestrian crossing signals and bike boxes.

Mayor John Marks walked alongside nearly one dozen kindergarteners as they maneuvered cardboard cars along an obstacle that shows these new road features.

Heather Teter, who works out of the city’s communications office, touted the campaign for its focus on awareness. It will include four, 30-second public service announcements about road use.

“The four amenities in the campaign promote safe traffic flow,” Teter said. “Instead of having a intersection with a stop light that would build up traffic, the roundabouts will allow traffic to be continuous.”

Director of Public Works Gabe Menendez said the changes reflect the city’s plans to make urban life easier.

“We are excited to be a part of this campaign, which is designed to help citizens and motorist to know what to do at these traffic amenities and thus making our community safer,” Menendez said.

Allen Secreast, a traffic mobility manager, said DRVN 850 was designed to ensure road users stay safe.

“Tallahassee has such a diverse driving community, and this campaign will introduce to all drivers how to properly maneuver throughout the city," Secreast said.

Among the changes Florida A&M students can expect are at least four roundabouts on the still-under-redevelopment FAMU Way access street. Residents can test their knowledge of the road rules and enter contests for prizes.