FAMU gave me confidence

I can admit that I’m not the same person I was when I first got to Florida A&M. In 2012, I walked into the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication as a timid transfer student with just a little hope, a dream and a passion for writing.
I knew nothing about journalism, and I lacked confidence in myself. I talked to nobody, not even the teachers. I felt that everyone had more experience than me and I let those feelings take over me.
It stayed that way until I took a broadcast announcing course and noticed how my professor, Benjamin Davis, would not allow me to just be mediocre. From that day on, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be. Of course things didn’t change over night. I felt enlightened from Davis, but I still doubted myself. But once I started taking a TV News course, that’s when I started realizing just how strong I really was.
I had done things I never thought I could. Being a producer for News 20 at Five shows me that my dreams are not just impossible visions. They are much more than that. Ever since I was 8 years old, I have dreamed of becoming a producer and writing scripts for plays and short films, but I never knew how quickly it would happen, and I never knew that dreams could actually serve as a reality.
And for that, I am grateful. Because today, I am living my dreams in television and fulfilling my purpose through the journalism program. Graduating from FAMU was always the goal. But I never envisioned it being like this. I never saw myself transform before. But I am blessed for the makeover. Because now, I have gained confidence in myself.
I have fallen in love with Patrice all over again. I have proven that my destiny lies in the palm of my hands, and all I have to do is work hard, have faith, and God will handle my future. Yes, I have struggled, sometimes more than others, but my struggles never defined my success.
On May 3, I will be walking across the stage, but I will not be walking with my head down, being shy and afraid of the world anymore.
Now, I can walk with my head up, knowing that I have changed for the best and that everything can only get better. Thank you, FAMU, for helping me see my true potential.