FAMU hosts ‘magical’ evening with business director

The Orlando Magic’s director of business development and legislative affairs presented “Life Lessons for Success, Leadership and Character” in Lee Hall on Wednesday.

Lucas Boyce discussed what he called seven decisions for leadership. Each point began with the word “decide.”

“My mother was a call girl,” Boyce said. “She had me at 19 and, at that young age, followed the wrong crowd.”

Boyce shared stories about his difficult life. He spoke about how his foster mom influenced him and encouraged students that anything is possible.

“I went from failing kindergarten to graduating valedictorian from high school,” Boyce said.

For Boyce, his success didn’t end there. Boyce said he served as White House staff and worked under President George W. Bush in the Office of Political Affairs.

“I accidently sat in the president’s seat, and no one told me,” Boyce said.

Boyce ended the evening ended with a Q-and-A session and gave away free copies of his book, “Living Proof,”before taking pictures with students.

The students responded positively to Boyce’s presentation and asked many informed questions.

“His humility stood out to me,” said Louis Graham, a junior business administration student from Miami. “I liked how he said to not take yourself too seriously and how to stay humble.”

Robyn Graves, a senior business administration student from Miami, also found the presentation to be inspiring.

“Being a graduating senior with goals of having a career in the industry he’s in, I felt a strong sense of guidance from his speech,” Graves said.

For students to stand out in the global job market, Boyce said it’s important for them to be themselves.

“Students should think of themselves as an individual and create their own personal brand,” he said.