Rattler Sinks Fangs Into Fashion

Gown design by Stephanie Foster

Stephanie Foster, graduated from Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication in 2009. Standing six-feet tall, the former basketball player looking often encounters difficulty when searching for clothes.

Foster, created Prissy Duck Designs to targets the fashion of tall woman between the ages of 18-40.

“The issue was and still is that there were not many clothes out there for tall women,”  Fosters said. “Whether it was jeans, dress pants, or jackets, they just weren't there. Either the clothing is very plain or it costs too much money. So way back in high school it became my dream to have a clothing line.”

Foster learned to sew during her senior year of high school and continued to develop her craft after graduation. After making clothing for herself—and occasionally others—Foster is ready to provide clothing at a larger scale.  

“It doesn't matter if a customer is wearing a long gown or a suit; the goal of Prissy Duck Designs is to make every woman feel beautiful, sexy, and vibrant, ” Foster said.

Fashion is an artistic outlet for Foster and her designs are inspired by various sources. Many of her designs are inspired by ads in magazines, commercials, and everyday people walking down the street. She expressed that she watches runway shows of high end designers to get ideas.

“I remember one time, I got a design for a dress from a painting that was hanging on the wall at home,” Foster said.

Her designs were recently entered in a contest to be featured in CMH Fashion Week, the official fashion week of Columbus, OH. Prissy Duck Designs was chosen to be one of the finalists.

The fashion show will not take place until October,  although the contest is over Foster will continue designing new pieces and posting pictures of items that will be on sale via social network sites.

Foster, advice to students who wish to launch a clothing line of their own is brand yourself.

“Do it if you are passionate about it. It is a lot of hard work but it is definitely worth it. Depending on the route you want to take, it is important to work on your sewing skills also. Once all the bases are covered as far as a logo, a name, and sewing skills, it’s time for the fun part: sewing and designing.”

She can be found on Instagram and Twitter @PrissyDuckDes53 and on Facebook as “Prissy Duck Designs.”