Gas saving tips

As prices seem to be going up, people are searching for ways to save on gas.  

According to Good Housekeeping, pulling out with a heavy foot is a fuel waster that also puts more emissions in the air, and driving with a foot on the brake pedal makes the vehicle work harder, which increases gas take.

Following the tips above could save more than a dollar per gallon on gas.

In addition to the big-name gas stations, Sam’s Club has gas stations as well. Its prices are lower than the larger stations.

“I go to Sam’s to get my gas,” said Sydnie Medlin, a senior food science student from Dallas. “I save way more money going there than going to BP or Circle K.”

According to Fuel Economy, avoid keeping keeping unnecessary items in the car. More weight equals more fuel burned.  

Alternative Fuels advises drivers to constantly check the tire pressure. Cars with low tire pressure have more rolling resistance, meaning the car needs more fuel to keep it rolling.

Chris Dedandy, a Pep Boys employee, said performing routine maintenance is a way to save at the pumps.

“[My] tips to save money on gas are to maintain clean filters and also maintain oil changes so the car run smoothly,” Dedandy said.

Changing or cleaning the air filter will also make a difference, according to Alternative Fuels.  

Air filters that are dirty make it hard for air to get into the engine. An easy way to check the filter is to hold it up to light and attempt to look through it. If it is difficult to look through, it is time to change the filter.

Opening the windows instead of using the air conditioner could be beneficial to fuel costs if driving at lower speeds, according to Alternative Fuels. On the other hand, if a person is driving at higher speeds, then it would be best to turn the air conditioner on due to the wind resistance.  

However, some would rather walk to save on gas, such as Erica Thomas, a junior business administration student from Saginaw, Mich.

“I stay around the corner from campus, so instead of driving to campus I just walk,” Thomas said. “This way I save money and get a little exercise in.”