Ted Nugent went too far

We all know Ted Nugent, a right-wing rocker from Detroit, hasn’t been the biggest Barack Obama fan in recent years.

From calling him a piece of sh-t to even telling him to suck on his machine gun, he has constantly given the president a verbal lashing.

In recent news, Nugent stirred up more drama by referring to the president as a “subhuman mongrel.

I am all for one speaking his mind and voicing his own opinion, but has Ted Nugent gone too far this time?

I often wondered if it was a political thing and Ted Nugent simply didn’t like the president because he was a Democrat, or if he didn’t like him because he was black. After doing research, I found that Nugent has made racial comments about blacks, too.

Although some Republicans and others responded to the racial slur by calling it unnecessary, I felt like all Nugent got was a slap on the wrist.

America is used to its celebrities using their fame to express how they feel about the country, but this time I feel the country’s reaction was a little bit more biased.

Back in 2003, when a country girl group by the name of the Dixie Chicks bashed former president George W. Bush about the war, the world was shocked. The Dixie Chicks were pulled off the air and lost endorsements.

Other presidents have suffered from celebrities lashing out at them, but there has always been a correlation of events that usually affected the celebrity.

Nugent has been verbally abusing the president since he got into office, and Republicans still invite him onto their campaigning trips and allow him to attend the State of the Union.

The point I am trying to make is that in the past, celebrities have suffered from the repercussions of lashing out at the president.

Today, it seems as though no one really cares what’s said about the current president. It seems to be that it is much more expected.

People like Nugent, in my opinion, should not get media time and political parties. People should shy away from him.

By the conservatives allowing him to join their campaigns, it can be misinterpreted that the candidate also shares the same ideas as Nugent.

Even though Nugent gave a questionable apology for the racial slur, it still not only affected the president, but anyone else who identifies as being biracial. It affected people who identify with being biracial by putting them in the mindset that this is what my fellow people feel about me, basically calling biracial people a “muts.”

So yes, Nugent, in my eyes you went too far. It was way too far.