Spring Break Hotels Buckle Down

Hotels and condos in Panama City Beach will police spring break behavior to save money and keep damage at a minimum.

Each year spring breakers destroy hotel furniture, appliances and dishes. They put holes in walls and floors, TVs are thrown into pools and doors are kicked off of hinges.

According to springbreak.com, more than 500,000 students have made Panama City their spring break destination over the past three years. A poll from pcbeachspringbreak.com asked 5,000 students where they plan to vacation based on the top vacationing spots for spring break. Panama City was voted number one.

Hotels and condos plan to stop spring breakers from destroying their rooms. There will be a limit to the number of people in a unit and unannounced room inspections will be performed.

The Summit Condominium Resort provides spring breakers with a pamphlet with 12 rules. Five of them, if broken, can lead to eviction or arrest.

Country Inn and Suites has a similar plan. Kurang Tatel, manager of Country Inn and Suites said, We provide our guests with a pamphlet as well. If any rules are broken, we give them a warning. If they continue, they can be evicted.Tatel said.

Jack Patelo, director of security at Edgewater Beach and Golf Resort, explained the consequences of rule breaking.

If you dont abide by the rules, youre asked to leave. If you dont leave, we call the police, Patelo said.

Joe Parker, the assistant general manager of Legacy by the Sea, said rules are standard up and down the beach: 24-hour security, $400 room deposit and wristbands worn at all times. However, Parker said these precautions sometimes aren’t enough.

“But we still have problems,” Parker said. “Fights break out, people jump naked in the pool and rooms are trashed. But everything is explained to guests beforehand. They will be responsible for everything.”

For information on the most popular hotels and condos in Panama City Beach, visit http://pcbeachspringbreak.com