Local bank to offer free homebuyer workshop

First Commerce Credit Union will host a free homebuyer workshop on Saturday.

Tallahassee Community College graduate Dawandra Whitehead, from Crawfordville, and her husband are looking to purchase their first home.

“I would attend because we are at the point in our lives where we are looking to buy sometime in the near future, and workshops like these are very informative,” Whitehead said.  “It would help to answer any questions that we may have as well as give us information that we may need concerning different agencies.”

The purpose of the workshop is to help prepare first-time buyers with the buying process. Mark Pease, FCCU mortgage manager, will provide information on the following topics:

·      Preparation for a mortgage application

·      The pre-approval process

·      How to work with a realtor

·      How to find your dream home

·      How to review a purchase contract

·      Expectations at closing process

“It’s a workshop class designed for first-time buyers that were never taught in high school or college about buying a home or selling a home,” Pease said. “They teach us everything else, but never the largest financial purchase we make in our life.”

The mortgage manager described the workshop as “four hours of non-stop fun.” He said it will be interactive, and his purpose is to answer any questions asked during the session.

“For the most part, it’s for them to be able to walk out and realize, especially if they’re graduating, the impact of student loans they have now that are deferred,” Pease said.

According to Forbes’ 2014 Housing Outlook prediction, the housing market will be good this year.

Predictions include that there will be more homes available, mortgage rates will rise only 2.5 percent by the end of the year and it will be easier to obtain a mortgage because of the change in the economy.

To complement the workshop, First Commerce is offering $500 off closing costs.

Shenee Louisgene, a licensed practical nursing graduate student at Lively Technical Center, plans on attending the workshop to gain more knowledge on the home buying process.

“I think the workshop is a great opportunity so that interested buyers know that they do have opportunities and other pathways out there to buying a home,” Louisgene said.  “And the $500 cash is a good initiative to encourage them to buy a home.”

Register for the workshop or call 850-488-0035 for more information. It will take place at 2073 Summit Lake Drive from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.