BPI to raise funds for STEM students

Brownsville Preparatory Institute will call on the help of the community, parents and others to support its initiative to raise funds on Friday.  

“Celebrating African-American STEM Scientists” is the theme for BPI’s eighth annual Black History Program.

Every year, the school picks a different segment of African-American achievement to focus on, according to Rita Brown, owner and founder of the school.

“This year’s focus is STEM, so the money raised will go towards improving the science and technology at our school for the use of our students,” Brown said. “As a small private school, we want to increase the opportunities our children have to be exposed to these fields.”

Brown, who also serves as the creative director of the program, said Students ages 3 to 9 will perform monologues from famous African-American scientists. They will also have project boards that feature projects the students have completed throughout the year.

The event will also honor college scientists who will speak to the students on their experiences in various science fields, Brown said.

Brown started her school nine years ago as a result of the success she had in homeschooling her own children.

Ameer Brown, a senior public relations student from Queens, N.Y., is expecting a good turnout.

“As their publicist, I’m responsible for bringing media awareness to their initiatives,” he said.

The school attributes the hands-on experience private schools offer as a reason for its success.

Amanda Sutton-Gray, a third-year music industry student from Simi Valley, Calif., recounts her private school education as a reason for her success.

“I loved private school,” Sutton-Gray said. “The thing that I noticed when I switched from private school is that I was very ahead, so the curriculum is very advanced. It positively impacted me and gave me a strong foundation academically.

The event will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Florida A&M’s Foster-Tanner Recital Hall.