800-bed facility named ‘FAMU Village’

Housing administrators announced the name deemed for the 800-bed facility opening in the fall at the student senate meeting Monday.

FAMU Village will provide 24-hour security, central heating and cooling and 200 parking spaces for students living within the facility.

According to Ashley Nelson, administrative assistant for housing, FAMU Village will be coed due to the male and female ratio at the university.

“We will not separate or segregate the genders in this facility,” Nelson said.

She also said that inter-room visitation rules set by the university – no students can have visitation from the opposite sex inside their bedrooms – will still be enforced.

First-year female students will receive priority for placement for the new facility, followed by scholarship recipients and Florida prepaid student recipients, according to Nelson.

Some students look forward to the opening of the new dorm.

Alexandria Cherry, a second-year history student from Tallahassee, said the new dorm will give her the opportunity to live comfortably on campus.

“I lived at home for my first two years because I refused to live in facilities that weren’t up to standard,” Cherry said.

Other students, such as Christopher Mack, a senior business administration student from Palm Bay, Fla., said the dorms are too expensive.  

“The university will be overcharging for this facility, and students will end up paying more for housing than their education,” Mack said.

Nelson said it will cost students $3,458 a semester to live in FAMU Village.

Students who don’t want to pay the cost to live in FAMU Village can seek housing at other facilities on campus. Nelson said the Paddyfote dormitory will be converted into single-living bedrooms in the fall.

Darrick Fullwood, a second-year English student from Tampa, said Paddyfoteis long overdue for a change.

“Paddyfote Is too small for two full-grown people to live there,”Fullwood said. “The university has been taxing students for no reason.”

Returning students who are interested in living on campus for the fall can reserve their spots for $100 through their iRattler accounts Thursday.