FSU grad brings Haitian comedy to YouTube

A Florida State University alumnus has introduced a new Haitian-based comedy series to YouTube.

Joseph “Sejoe” Ducasse, from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, started “The Sejoe Show,”a Haitian humor series presented in high definition.

Ducasse was first introduced to the idea in 2009, when he went online looking for Haitian comedic relief. He realized there weren’t many Haitian media outlets, and the ones that were out were geared more toward old Haitian culture that was dying out.

So he began creating videos on YouTube of distinctive Haitian jokes that required true Haitian talent and pride to execute.

“Haitians in America don’t really have an entertainment outlet here,” Ducasse said. “We are the young, new generation, so why not cater to people like me?”

After five years of gaining positive reviews and high demand for his work on YouTube, Ducasse decided to create “The Sejoe Show.”

One key element in creating the show was to represent the Haitian people all over the world in a positive light. Because there aren’t many Haitian-based shows, Ducasse said he made sure the program was top-notch before airing it.

The goal of the show is to showcase a part of Haitian culture that people hardly ever see while educating and make people laugh. Ducasse also wants to give Haitian people something exclusive and authentic that they can call their own.

Oliver St. Fort, a senior sociology student at FSU from Pompano Beach, is excited to see a show like this.

“I’m Haitian myself,” St. Fort said. “So getting to see a show with some new Haitian flavor in Tallahassee is kind of a big deal.”

The show is a four-part series made up of jokes, viral videos and original skits all in “Creglish,” a combination of Creole and English, that relates to Haitian, Haitian-American and American culture.

Ducasse used themes from popular movies and TV shows such as “Anchorman“and the Chappelle’s Show” to create characters for the show. Ducasse also incorporated Vine video reviews into it, a concept he picked up from the show “Tosh.0.”

Even though the show is Haitian based, those who aren’t Haitian, like Jermaine Dickey, a junior mechanical engineering student at Florida A&M from Tallahassee, can still take something from the show.

“The show is actually pretty interesting,” Dickey said. “I had never heard of a Haitian TV series in Florida before, so I was curious to check it out.