Love without limits

Beautiful is an understatement
No word can define you
Either fate led us together
Or I was lucky to find you
Your smile’s a gift from heaven
It’s such a blessing to see
I wouldn’t be myself without you
You’re the reason I’m me

You were once my best friend
Now our relationship is unknown
But you’re forever in my heart
Which means you’re never alone
You deserve the world
You should be treated like a queen
I dream of you at night
You are the woman of my dreams

But your happiness is everything
You deserve to be nothing less
I’m terrible at being just a friend
But know I’m trying my best
Things may not get better
Only time will tell
But I’ll always be here for you
And I promise you that’s real

I’ve thought about you daily
Every day for many years
When you cry, it hurts me
I hate to know that you’re in tears
Pain is too familiar to you
You’ve gone through it all
Yet I always see you standing
No matter how often that you fall

I admire your strength
You’re truly incredible
I’ll always love you
You can’t change what’s inevitable
But a word is just a word
Until someone gives it meaning
So when I tell you that I love you
I hope you know I truly mean it …