City commission retreat informs residents

The Tallahassee city commission’s annual retreat on Thursday updated citizens about new and completed projects.

Mayor John Marks and Tallahassee’s city commissioners gave presentations at the Public Safety Complex.

The city commission showcased its accomplishments from 2013 with a video of the community and its finished construction projects, including reconstruction of Gaines Street, Palmer Avenue and the recent development of College Town.

Commissioner Andrew Gillum said he has seen growth and development, not just in the housing sector, but also in the quality of life in Tallahassee.

“We look back on 2013 and celebrated a lot of growth and development for our city,” Gillum said.

Lead Commissioner Nancy Miller highlighted the “sense of place” innovation where city staff supports the citizens working groups’ recommendations.

“Sense of place innovation is a public sector that can make the area as beautiful as possible,” Miller said. “It makes it comfortable for people to walk to the next business.”

Projects landscaping within newly installed curb extensions on Gadsden Street and improving landscaping and recreational amenities at Lake Ella Park provide safety and beauty to the community, Miller said.

Some of the priorities of the city commission include improving the local airport, rails, walkability, wayfinding signage, infrastructure, bicycling and trolley service.

Commissioners also presented the citizens sales tax committee summary.

Marks said the projects that are related to FAMU would be shown to the community.

“The faculty and students will look forward to the projects that benefit FAMU,” Marks said. “I want them to give us feedback. Let us know. Most of the projects that will be presented to the citizens of Tallahassee will benefit FAMU directly and indirectly.”

The city Commission will vote in two weeks for the projects it wants to continue.