Civic Center to host Marvin Gaye tribute

The rumors are true. A tribute to Marvin Gaye is making its way to Tallahassee on Saturday at 8 p.m. in the Civic Center.

The tribute will be a multi-generational event of dance, poetry, music and song and a never-before-seen production of Gaye’s music.

Dance With The Soul, a multi-discipline performance featuring the collaborative works of choreographers, dancers, singers, spoken-word artists and musicians, is sponsoring the tribute.

According to its website, Dance With Soul was inspired by Gaye’s 1971 release of the first Motown concept album, “What’s Going On.” Another inspiration was the way each song flowed into the other without a pause or break, which was another new concept for Motown.

Idella Mann, a senior biology student from Fort Lauderdale, thinks the event will be fun for students.

“I enjoy listening to Marvin Gaye,” Mann said. “His music is very soulful and will never get old.”

Denise McInnis, the tribute’s director and producer, said she age isn’t a factor to attend the tribute.

“We have young people, really of every generation, performing,” McInnis said. “We also have a husband and wife team doing a duet as they perform ‘You’re All I Need to Get By.’ This event is for everyone.”

McInnis, who also performs in the tribute, dance and recite spoken word as well.

“It’s difficult being the producer, director and a performer,” McInnis said. “But working with artists who are just as committed as me makes it worthwhile.”

Chris Thompson, a third-year health care student at Tallahassee Community College from Fort Pierce, Fla., expects the performance to be interesting. And with the tribute being the day after Valentine’s Day, Thompson hopes he won’t have to go alone.

“It sounds like an event you might want to bring a date to, if I’ll have one by then,” Thompson said.

Tickets are $20 if purchased online, $22 if purchased online and delivered, and $25 at the door.