EIT department introduces FAMU Secure, promises faster, more efficient Internet

The division of enterprise information technology announced the implementation of Phase I of FAMU Secure last week.

Florida A&M students were prompted to log into a new wireless network that took effect Thursday.

In addition to the established “FAMU Wireless Net” hotspot, EIT gave students another option to get connected: FAMU Secure.

The new connection is said to be much faster and more secure than its earlier counterparts. According to a recent EIT-Advisory mail out, one of the primary features of the new system is an automatic connection to FAMU Secure each time the user is on campus.

Angela Gaines, a junior mechanical engineering student from Los Angeles, said the new system is much more convenient and reliable than the old hotspot. She uses the Internet every day and has noticed a change.

“It’s cool that I don’t have to enter my information every time I log in,” Gaines said. “Now I can use the Internet when I roam about campus. Plus, it seems faster.”

Phase I includes all buildings on the main campus, law School and branch locations.

During Phase II, FAMU Secure will install service in the School of Journalism and Graphic Design, Hansel E. Tookes Sr. Student Recreation Center, plant operations C/D, the Black Archives, Career Center, Teleconference Center and Sunshine Manor.

Phase II is set to be completed by January. The old FAMU Wireless will discontinue Dec. 1. 

Some students said the new system is a good upgrade, but its timing is inconvenient. “I’m glad that FAMU stepped it up, but the way they implemented it was wrong,” said Quesly Daniel, a senior traditional mathematics student from Tampa. “They didn’t give us enough time to adjust, and they forced it on us.”

Other students believe the new system has a few discrepancies that need to be fixed.

“I think the system is awesome, but there are some quirks as far as Apple and Android [products],” said Derrick Bevans, a master of business administration student from Miami.

Students and staff are required to have a FAMU email address and password to access the connection. However, they also have the option to continue using FAMU Wireless Net well into next year.