Bowling team rolls to Alabama

The bowling team will take a trip to Alabama this weekend for the Hornets Classic Tournament.

The Lady Rattlers are confident heading into the tournament after winning twice against Bethune-Cookman University and North Carolina Central University to go 5-3 at the MEAC Southern Division Tournament this weekend.

Lady Rattlers’ team captain Katherine Jones believes the team’s hard work and dedication gives them a slight edge going into the tournament.

“We are confident because we fight hard in every game, and our team chemistry is constantly getting better,” Jones said.

The Lady Rattlers have been going about their normal routines as they prepare for the Hornets Classic.

Head bowling coach Karen Brown explained that the students must concentrate first on their work in the classroom before preparing for any opponent.

“My first mission with student-athletes is ensuring that they are in fact students before athletes,” Brown said. “We will continue to follow our daily schedule of PT training, target shooting and exercises to improve timing and swing.”

Assistant coach Al Brown is sure the Lady Rattlers have enough skills, resources and motivation to lead them to victory.

“We have an advantage over other teams, being that FAMU is one of the few schools in the country with a bowling alley on campus,” Brown said. “We have a sports psychologist that comes to the school on Tuesdays and sports consultants that come on Thursdays to mentor the girls and make sure they are ready for the opposing teams.”

There will be a bowling social today to give athletes a chance to improve their game.