Student leader-hosted panel to discuss relationships

Gibbs Hall will be home to the second annual panel discussion “He Said, She Said – No You Heard” on Tuesday at 8 p.m.

The panel will include Student Government Association Vice President Evan Bailey, Housing Pageant Coordinator Dominique James, Orientation Leader Orton Coleman and other student leaders around campus.

“We wanted to create an area for students to feel comfortable talking about certain situations with their student leaders,” said Tahara Jordan, a sophomore biology pre-med student from Hartford, Conn., and event coordinator of the panel. “We are more than leaders. We are students, too. We are resources.”

This event will give students a chance to ask questions and hear the perspectives of their current student leaders. Topics such as what is considered “talking” between a man and woman, what are friends with benefits and who is marriage material will be put on the table.

Jordan believes discussions like these give students the opportunity to hear and share the experiences of other students rather than their daily friends, who a majority of the time are like-minded.

Bailey, a junior business administration student from Kansas City, Mo., said these discussions are important.

“You don’t want people to come after you and make the same mistakes,” he said. “I want to give them the opportunity to do what I might have not done.”

Bailey doesn’t know what questions will be asked, but he is willing to answer almost anything.

“Students should come to the event with an open mind,” Bailey said. “You will leave this event knowing more than you did before you came.”

What began as discussion in the spring semester in Cropper hall between two friends about what women are really fighting about when it comes to men turned into a two-part panel discussion called “Cat Fight” that more than 70 people attended.

This year, Jordan does not have a set number of people she would like to see there. However, she hopes to have a large turnout.

Food and refreshments will be provided. There will also be special guest from the Royal Court and the student senate.